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RPG Maker MZ is a software development program designed for creating role-playing video games with augmented features developed by Kadokawa that was published on August 20, 2020 by Degica. It is a successor to RPG Maker MV and is currently the most recent program in the RPG Maker series for personal computer platforms. It has received polarized reviews, while it was praised for its augmented mechanics over RPG Maker MV; the fact that it carried significant parts and features of RPG Maker MV was criticized.


It uses plugins like RPG Maker MV, though old plugins are most likely incompatible with RPG Maker MZ.

It includes a built in tutorial with 19 steps.

Both side view and front view battle systems return in RPG Maker MZ. In addition, there are two modes for action sequencing, a turn based mode, and two variant time progress modes, a feature last seen in RPG Maker 2003. Unlike prior programs which used sprite sheets for battle animations, the open source free particle effect creation tool Effekseer will be used to create custom 2D and 3D effects for battles.

Unlike RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker MZ allows for manual map layering as in RPG Maker XP and older programs. Users can switch between automatic and manual layering at any time.

A new event list is added, which shows dynamic list of all events in the current map.

The art style of assets have been changed once again, though tiles will stay at the 48x48 resolution first presented in RPG Maker MV, making it easier to transfer assets from that program into RPG Maker MZ. Also, assets from RPG Maker MV are generally usable as is in RPG Maker MZ without modifications, except for battle animations due to the switch in systems for animations.

The Character generator returns, along with a new feature that allows users to adjust the offset/position of items such as eyes on the portrait of the character.

Internally, RPG Maker MZ data format is nearly identical to RPG Maker MV's, allowing users to edit RPG Maker MV projects easily in RPG Maker MZ by copying an RPG Maker MZ project file in to the file folder of the RPG Maker MV project.


The program's first trailer was released on June 18, 2020. The announcement led to complaints about its apparent similarity to RPG Maker MV.


  • The initials in the names of the default actors for new RPG Maker MZ games spell out "RPGMAKER" (Reid, Priscilla, Gale, Michelle, Albert, Kasey, Eliot, Roza), the name of the program series.

Sample Games[]

One of the sample games made with RPG Maker MZ (English Only)