RPG Maker VX Ace is a software development program designed for creating RPG games. It was developed and published by Enterbrain in 2011 as a successor to RPG Maker VX. It was succeeded by RPG Maker MV in 2015, which is the most recent edition in the series.


It is based on RPG Maker VX, with new features such as the ability to use multiple tilesets, a character generator, MP3 music included in the RTP instead of MIDI music, and more.

Users generally consider RPG Maker VX Ace as "the definitive version" of RPG Maker VX due to similar name and features, as well as VX Ace having more features than VX. Despite this, RPG Maker VX projects are not compatible with RPG Maker VX Ace and can't be converted in the way that RPG Maker 2003 can convert RPG Maker 2000 projects, and scripts from the prior edition cannot be used on VX Ace and vice versa.


Generally, it is taken as a superior version of RPG Maker VX due to their similar name and feature set, and additional features that RPG Maker VX does not have, such as the ability to use multiple tilesets.


  • The initials in the names of the default actors for new RPG Maker VX Ace games spell out "ENTERBRAIN" (Eric, Natalie, Terence, Ernest, Ryoma, Brenda, Rick, Alice, Isabelle, Noah).
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