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General Behavior

Register and login.
If you intend to seriously edit on this article, even if it's just long enough to create your game's article, please make an account first and use that when you're editing.
Behave yourself.
For some of you I know this is difficult, but the same basic conduct rules apply here as in most forums. No personal attacks, don't reveal personal information without a user's consent, no attempting to break the website, the usual.


Don't vandalize.
Really, there's no point. We keep tabs on the recent changes list, so we'll catch it and block you if you do this repeatedly.
Don't put multiple screenshots in the game articles.
Only a title screen screenshot can be used for the page for the infobox and one gameplay screenshot at most in the body of the article. Put a link to other screenies in the external link section. See Uploading Rules for more information.
Don't try to advertise by putting your project under multiple RPG Maker programs.
You're only using one, so only list your project under one. Got it?
Although not a rule, it is highly recommended that you set your account to watch articles that you care about (such as articles you personally created) so that if someone wants to contact you or vandalizes one of your articles you'll be the first to know.
Don't use Zalgo/corrupted text in articles.
  • Fandom prevents this sort of text from being published on a wiki page, so you're wasting your time trying to do this. They also add unnecessary kilobytes of bloat to the page.
  • If you're copying from another page that already had this, strip it out of the page first.


  • Unless otherwise stated here, no visual resources of any kind are allowed to be uploaded.
  • For example, don't upload pictures of tilesets or raw pictures used in games on this wiki.
  • We wish to be as neutral as reasonably possible to the other RM sites, so hosting resources would be detrimental to our cause.
  • Visual resources solely to be used as reference material are the only exception to this.
  • An example of using a visual resource as reference material would be comparing and contrasting the different artistic styles of charsets.
  • To present the game, a screenshot of the title screen can be added to the relevant page's infobox. Other non-title screen screenshots are generally limited, even on the infobox.
  • Generic screenshots of built in RPG Maker features in blank games may be used for pages that represent RPG Maker features such as levels, events, and the database. You may not use screenshots of full games used in RPG Maker such as To the Moon or Slime Kingdom, or screenshots of games such as Final Fantasy to present a feature for RPG Maker.
  • Unless otherwise stated here, no auditory resources of any kind are allowed to be uploaded.
  • We wish to be as neutral as reasonably possible to the other RM sites, so hosting resources would be detrimental to our cause.
  • Auditory resources solely to be used as reference material are the only exception to this.
  • An example of using an auditory resource as reference material would be explaining the difference between a "music" file and a "sound effect" file.
  • No exceptions! Download links to other websites must be used instead.
  • The RPG Maker Wiki does not, will not, and never will tolerate hosting your game.
  • Go get hosting elsewhere, it's not like it's hard to do.
  • There are multiple services that allow for hosting, such as Google Drive, Microsoft's OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Objects not pertaining to the purpose of this Wiki are forbidden to be uploaded.
  • This rule is flexible, please contact an administrator and get permission to upload the object before doing so.
  • Administrators: If approved, please note in the file's page that you approved it and why.

Vanity Pages

You are allowed to make an article about your game(s).
  • It is highly recommended that you copy the source code from the project article template into your game's new article.
  • You must put a decent amount of effort into the first edit of such pages. Failure to do so can result in the page being quickly deleted.
  • Existence of the game must be confirmed with a download page or blog post on another website. If the game cannot be confirmed to exist on the internet other than this wiki, the page may be deleted.
  • If your game is a premium product players must pay for, the game should be clearly marked as such on the infobox. Put the price on the infobox and use the store page argument instead of the download argument used for free to play games.
You are allowed to make an article about your branding used for games, however:
  • You must have more than one game under a certain developer/publisher branding.
  • A link to your website can be added on an infobox, if you have one. Links to wiki pages about your games can also be added under a section.
  • You will also have a category for your games if you have three or more games made under a single branding.
You are allowed to make an article about your RM website, however:
  • If your site has less than a few hundred members, you should only put an entry for it in the Small Sites page.
  • If your site is larger than that, you can create a page for it.
  • We've even made a template for it.
  • Also, pages can be created for sites that are small now, but had many more members in the past.


Sometimes there may be two games with the same name.
  • If for some reason there are two or more games with identical or virtually identical names featured on the wiki, the titles of the games named the same will be suffixed with "(developer)" if all of the games are of different developers or "(developer, year)" if some/all of the games were made by the same developer.
  • Of course, the developer and year part of the suffix is to be replaced with the actual developer group name, either the group name or developer persona. The year is to be replaced by the year the game was first released according to the article.
  • A disambiguation page should be created on the un-suffixed name that links to all the pages that have the same or similar name.

Resource Donation

It is forbidden to donate a visual or auditory resource.
We want to be neutral territory to the other RM sites.
It is forbidden to donate an unsponsored resource.
If a site donates a literary resource they can be held responsible for its accuracy and quality.
It is forbidden for a resource to be marked as donated by more than one site.
If this was allowed it would likely result in inter-site conflicts.
It is strictly forbidden to mark a resource as donated by a site which did not legitimately donate it.


Blocks are a measure to prevent severe disruption of the wiki by malicious users.
  • If you behave and act according to the policies of the wiki, your chances of being blocked are nearly zero.
  • We don't block users without warning them beforehand. This way, you'll know if you're accidently violating the policies, and the people who are actually attempting to disrupt the wiki will have a record of their prior violations making it easier to determine if a block is necessary.
  • Repeatedly disrupting the wiki by vandalizing articles, inserting spam into the wiki, or advertising sites unrelated to RPG Maker such as a movie blog will eventually result in a block.
Don't worry if you've made an honest mistake.
  • First time mistakes and mistakes done every few weeks or more are likely not intentional malicious activity, and we will assume you're still acting in good faith. A link to the policy page will also likely be provided. If you need help, post a message on an admin's talk page and we can discuss how to solve the issue.
Don't get around blocks by creating multiple accounts.
  • Using new accounts to get around blocks on existing accounts will not discourage us from blocking you again. In fact, it may make your blocks more severe and swift if we detect this activity and can confirm that you are using both accounts.
Admins, don't block people who aren't actually violating the policy.
  • Blocks aren't to be used to disable other users for petty or selfish reasons. Abuse of the block feature to block users who have clearly not violated the policy is not acceptable and can result in you being blocked or stripped of administrator privileges. Admins are not supposed to stoop down to the lows of disrupting the wiki.