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RPG Tsukuru 95 (RPGツクール95, Ārupījī Tsukūru Kyūjūgo) is the first Windows version of the RPG Maker series developed and published by ASCII.

Despite having the year 1995 in the title, the game was not released in 1995, rather it was released in Japan on March 28th, 1997 as RPG Tsukuru 95. The number of 95 may be an attempt to tie in with Windows 95, which was released in 1995. Like other programs in the series, it is used to create role-playing video takes. Its successor is RPG Maker 2000.

The program is the first in the series to receive an unauthorized English translation and release by an two anonymous hackers under the alias as Stifu and Don Miguel. Unlike later programs in the series it has not yet been released for Steam, or officially released in English.


It is the first version of RPG Maker for the Windows platform. Games created using RPG Maker 95 ran at a resolution of 640x480, unlike RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 which ran at 320x240 resolution.

The Database did not exist in this edition, and instead tools such as "Monster Editor" existed.

The only window style is a generic Windows 95 styled panel.