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A script is a section of code used to make a game function. They were introduced in RPG Maker XP and are also in RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX Ace.

Scripts are the primary code of RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX, and RPG Maker VX Ace games that allow games to run. A new RPG Maker game will have dozens of scripts by default, some of which pertain to Event command functionality, while others implement battle and overworld gameplay, and still others implement menus and save functionality.


Scripts can be modified to add, change, or extend functionality of an RPG Maker game. For example, by default RPG Maker XP games only have four save slots, but additional save slots can be added to RPG Maker XP games by modifying the internal scripts to modify the save and load menus and change the check at startup to look for additional save slots. A settings menu can also be added to RPG Maker XP games which normally does not exist, to for example allow changing of the window theme used in game.

Modifying scripts allows the player to overhaul major components or gameplay elements of the game. Pokémon Essentials is an example of how modifying scripts can allow developers to change gameplay of an RPG Maker game drastically.

Script Editor[]

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Scripts are edited using the built in script editor of RPG Maker.


The RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ equivalent of scripts are plugins, which are less convoluted to add to other games.