Shakusski is unlicensed and cancelled English-language Filipino independent RPG Maker game created by Frederick C. Borromeo.

It is inspired of Telltale Games and 2009 film Mary and Max.

On August 6. This game was cancelled due to unlicensed files and controversy.

On Jan 15, 2020. The game was renew throughout the story and switch into original RTP as well as he's fashioning the system.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Ending[edit | edit source]

Bad Ending: You never believe it

You're not collect the letters if you enter the 3rd Floor room.

Bad Ending 2: You're a mistaken

You're collect 1 or 4 letters if he tell the question are saying to leave or stay, then both choices are same to stay.

True Ending: It's time to go

You're collect 5 letters if he tell the question are saying to leave or stay, if he chose to leave then both person will leave the place and the end credit will appear, if he chose to stay then the Man will leave and say farewell.

Development and Release[edit | edit source]

The demo was released in June 3 and full game is in development after the release date is originally June 19 2019 but it was delayed to developed the game. The release date was changed to October 27 2019 due to change something new including terrax lightning and puzzles. Although it was cancelled due to controversy.

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