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The basic usage of this template is as follows.

|Title = 
|Image = 
|Creator = 
|Release Date = 
|Genre = 
|Engine = 
|Gameplay Time = 
|Status = 
|Download = 
|Store Page = 
|Base Price = 

An example of the template's usage is below.

|Title = Pembrey
|Image = Pembrey Icon.png
|Creator = CrackedGhostGames
|Release Date = Sept 25, 2017
|Genre = Adventure, Drama, Horror, Thriller, RPG
|Engine = RPG Maker MV
|Gameplay Time = 1-2 Hours
|Status = Released
|Store Page = [https://store.steampowered.com/app/708450/Pembrey/ Steam Page]
|Base Price = $0.99

This results in the below.

For paid games, use the Base Price parameter and also use the Store Page parameter. For free games, set the Base Price parameter to "Free" and use the Download parameter instead.