The Burning Grail was originaly created for one short RPG contest so it only has like 2-3 hours of gameplay. The game itself is very similar to Riviera on GBA. A single click of directional button sends the hero to the other map, comments on object, etc. It is the first completed game by eNSO.


In a post-apocalyptic world survivors of mankind live in wasteland and ruined cities. The only law in such a chaotic society is a military group calling themselves as 'crusaders'. The organisation fight against 'demons' (that's how they call mutated radiation victims) and rebeling 'heretics'. The opposition is mercilessly burned by a special squad of 'executioners'. The primary goal of crusaders is to discover 'The Burning Grail' which was lost long time ago, the ultimate weapon against their foes.

The main hero Vick is one of the crusaders. He lives in the headquarters with his sister and is quite devoted to his duty. One day during the ordinary scout mission Vick discovers something shocking that forces him to quit crusaders and join the forces with his former enemies...

Battle SystemEdit

The battle system is slightly modified DBS and is based on items. During the adventure you get a certain number of weapons which you can use in battles like items. For example, if you have 5 sniper rifles it means that you can use it 5 times and then it expires. If you are short on items you can always go for unarmed combat.

For some players battles may seem too difficult in normal mode, but it is made on purpose. You must choose wisely on what skills spend your skill points.


  • Normal and easy modes
  • Save warnings before crucial moments
  • Custom message box and speech bubbles that indicate the person who is speaking
  • Message box sound can be turned ON/OF by clicking '1'
  • For every killed enemy you get skill points that can be spend at the skill section
  • A racing-shooting minigame, where you shoot at chasing enemies
  • No MIDI music (game's size only 15MB)
  • A secret ending


Primary graphical material by:

  • Real Time Package
  • Squaresoft
  • Mac & Blue
  • Dajhail
  • Theodore
  • Nytro
  • DGuy
  • Biohazard
  • Other sources

Edits by:

  • eNSO

Music & SoundsEdit

Sound effects by:

  • Sierra Studios
  • Real Time Package
  • Other sources

Music by:

  • Sir-tech
  • Interplay
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Pantera
  • Other sources


  • 1st place at "The GW Short RPG Contest"
  • "Game of the Month" award by GameCriticboy
  • "Gold Rose" award by Bloodrose
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