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The Chairman's Quest is an RPG made with RPG Maker 2003.

Main Characters[]


Geoff is mild mannered and wise for his age, but in the face of unrelenting evil that mild manner will quickly disappear. He is the leader of the group. Shalla is his longtime girlfriend. His main advantage in battle is speed, but he is also fairly strong and can learn some limited attack spells. He majored in swordsmanship at The Academy and minored in computer technology.


Shalla rebuffs any suggestion that she not go on dangerous missions with Geoff. Strong willed but sharing her man's mild manner, she often steps in to keep arguments among friends from becoming overheated. Gifted with the ability to learn the Healing Arts, she is a huge asset in battle when your energy runs low, especially as she gains the more powerful skills. She is weaker when it comes to physical attacks, but not so much so that her attacks will be without benefit.


Somewhat goofy in personality, but by no means dumb, Robby's gift is not speed, but physical strength. He majored in Weaponry and can use a variety of them in battle, dealing heavy damage with successful strikes.


David often pokes fun at his old friend Robby, though he is in reality a very serious person. David majored in Mage Arts, and is gifted in learning powerful spells. However, when equipped with the right weapons he is also a very decent fighter.


The world's regional governments are joined together to form the United Republic, although not every community is part of this main governing body. There are fifteen different regions, and a number of them have multiple communities within them. There is a library you will encounter early in the game - read the books on the shelves to learn more about the back story of the world's history.


The game follows the traditional RPG format of menu systems, shops, battles, towns, and dungeons.

There are also some surprises thrown in you may not expect when you enter certain areas. Completing them may seem pointless at first, but areas may be opened by completing them that you do not realize when you encounter them later in the game. They are entertaining nonetheless.

One minigame you would definitely want to complete is a group of individuals will ask you to play a game where they all go around the world and hide. Finding them all will yield a very powerful item that will be very helpful to completing the game.

Title and release information[]

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