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The Cradle of Ruin (ほろびのゆりかご, Horobi no Yurikago) is a RPG Maker game created by CHARON.


Hotarou lives in a white shelter together with four women. They never doubt the happiness in their daily life, but it suddenly comes to an end one day. The first but the most difficult choice lies in front of Hotarou. He has to do something to escape from the circling and repeating tragedy before their whole world is destroyed.



Hotarou's mother, taking care of everyone in the white shelter.


A girl of few words, living together with others in the white shelter.


Older than Hotarou, but acts more childish.


Having good relationship with Megi, generous, sober and matured.


Leading character of the game.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details about Cradle of Ruin follow.

A Route[]

To begin the A route, head to the warehouse with mother on the first day.

Bad End 1: The End of the Unfavoured[]

When Megi speaks about risking her life for something she loves, if you tell her "That is Wrong," she will wonder why she was thinking about it and will ditch the thought before sending you to bed. When you go to sleep, Hotorou will begin a monologue, saying how everything is over. Everyone had died, including Hotorou, as they were imprisoned in this white box waiting for their lives to be over.

Bad End 2: The Tender Cradle[]

When Tsuna is hanging off the edge in the Machine Room and you go to save her, if you choose "Don't Let Go," Megi will come in and help you pull up Tsuna. Megi will scold the two of you and have you promise not to enter the Machine Room again. Peaceful life will continue, Hotorou and Tsuna end up together, and they have a baby together.

Bad End 3: The Last Supper[]

When Megi and Mekuri are fighting, if you choose to shoot at Mekuri, Mekuri will assure you to go the way you believe in, and that no one will blame him for his choice before dying. Megi will then tell Hotarou that she is going to die soon, and tells him to eat her once she dies. She eventually does die several days later, and Hotarou eats her as he promised.

Bad End 4: Dying North Land[]

When Megi and Mekuri are fighting, if you choose to shoot at Megi, Megi will apologize that she can't be with you until the very end, and will thank you for being her child. Mekuri will then take the key to the underground tunnel, and will allow you to visit the rooms in the facility one last time. Upon entering the underground passage, Hotarou and Mekuri will come across a passage where the bridge require someone standing on the button in the corner. Mekuri leaves herself behind to let Hotarou escape. As he escapes to the outside world, he will begin a monologue about his and the other's lives in the facility as he leaves Hokkaido and makes his way to Tokyo.

B Route[]

To begin the B route, trust Angelica with Megi and don't go with Megi to the warehouse on the first day.

Bad End 5: Demon in the Garden[]

When Demonica has you choose which one dies first, if you choose Tsuna, Demonica will gut her and spill her intestines. After mocking Mekuri, she will then go to you next. The screen fades to black as she tortures everyone left. Afterwords, she will turn to presumably the player and tells them she will continue to kill until the player does something about it.

Bad End 6: Wing of Hope[]

When Demonica has you choose which one dies first, if you choose Mekuri, Mekuri will not be mad at you, and Demonica will use a guillotine to cut off her legs. Mekuri will attempt to convince you during the countdown that you did nothing wrong. After mocking Tsuna, she will then go to you next. However, before she can touch you, Demonica is shot by Megi, who was revealed to survive Demonica's prior attack thanks to being a robot. Demonica will curse her body before dying. Mekuri's past with her father leaving is revealed through a dream, with her father telling Mekuri to become someone who can protect. It turns out Mekuri is still alive, and she give Hotarou an item and will tell him and Tsuna to head to Tokyo, leaving her behind. The two do decide to leave and Mekuri goes on a monologue about the two kids beginning the new chapter of their lives from the hope given to them by Megi.

C Route[]

To begin the C route, first you must input the code into "Cradle" on the home menu. The code is ELDARC, which you will find out once you get each bad ending, as a letter will be revealed to you per bad ending. A cutscene will play where Hotarou is laying in the snow after he has fallen into despair, (Presumably from Bad End 4) and an image of Megi sitting next to him will fade in and fade out. As the screen fades to black, Megi, under a different appearance, will tell you to start over, and open the safe box in Megi's room. She will tell him to find the truth before leaving. The game will ask you if you want to keep the conditions and start over. If you select yes, the safe box in Megi's room will be accessible. Grabbing it will give you the Shower Room key, and in there is the Door of Truth. Entering it will begin the C route.

Bad End 7[]

When Megi asks you if you want to stay in the dream or be born, if you choose to stay in the dream, the light in Megi's eyes will disappear and she will be disappointed that you don't understand your mother's heart. Everyone leaves and the environment fades to dark. The warehouse will be opened, and upon entering that, Hotarou will talk about how he wasn't born. He is stuck in a nightmare, and you killed him.

True End: The Dream of Fetus[]

When Megi asks you if you want to stay in the dream or be born, if you choose to leave the dream and be reborn, Megi will be happy with you. She will begin crying as while the world is fake, the memory is real. As the world fades to white, she states that she will always be with you, so live on, not to give up until the end. After the credits roll, a monologue about the long dream that was the events of this game inside his mother will play. A baby will be born, under the name of Hotarou, and he accepts his existence into this world and begins his life.


  • 3 Hours gameplay
  • Multiple Endings
  • Future-Selecting Suspense Adventure