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Mature Content Warning

This page The Crooked Man contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Content Warnings: Violence, disturbing images, and a scene of suicide.

The Crooked Man is a supernatural horror game made by Uri. It is the first installment in The Strange Men Anthology.


In The Crooked Man, you play as David Hoover, a troubled single man who just bought a new apartment with the help of his two friends, Paul and Marion. Soon, he realizes that there may be something wrong with the place. It seems somehow... haunted. Not long after, he finds a letter. And another. Soon he follows a trail of notes, which lead him to abandoned areas in town. However, he isn't alone. Along the way he meets a variety of people who each have their own problems, all similar to David's. And at each stop he sees one familiar face... A man with an impossibly bent neck. Between avoiding him, and solving many riddles, you are sure to have a great time with The Crooked Man.



Get Paul's license from the table. Try to go outside. Answer the phone, then go to bed. Go outside and knock on 201 (at the right end of the hall). Go back to David's room and try to sleep. Go to the bathroom and check the washbasin. Check under the bed.

Answer the phone. Go outside and talk to Paul. At the hospital, go to David's mom's room on the far end. Talk to the doctor afterward.

Back in David's room, go to the computer room and check the desk drawers. Answer the phone. Try to go to bed, then check the TV, then the sink. Go to bed. Check outside, then go back in.

Talk to the landlady in the far-left room on the first floor. Back in David's room, check the crack with footprints leading up to it. Go to bed. Check the closet in the computer room. Go back to the living room.

Scene 1: Hotel Ruhenheim

Go to 203 (2F west hall) and examine the mirror for a notebook scrap. Check the dresser in 104 (1F west hall). Go to the cafeteria (top-right door in the lobby) and check under the top-right table for the gold key.

Use the gold key to open the library (2F west hall). Get the key to 108 there. Go to 108 (1F east hall) and push one of the chairs next to the dresser to get the wire cutters on top. When you hear the piano, go to the rec room (top-left door in the lobby) and meet Sissi.

Use the wire cutters to open the door behind the counter to the staff room. Check the journal for the key to 106, and check the door to the owner's room. Go to 106 (1F west hall) and into the bathroom. Get the doorknob. Go back to the staff room and attach it.

Read the board in the owner's room, and stomp on the off-color tile to open the basement door. Go down, use the lighter (from the items screen), and...

Go to the 2F west hall and into 203 for a scene. Return to the owner's room and into the basement (again, use the lighter) for the bronze key.

Go to the bar (2F east hall) and read the journal. Check the S to T shelf in the library to find the Jekyll and Hyde book. (You must have read the journal, because... uh...) When the Crooked Man appears... Check the hole to push him in.

Go to the passcode-locked door (1F west hall) and input the code. Hint: It relates to Jekyll and Hyde, but you can ignore the actual text. There was a note that mentioned missing chapters... Answer: 3679.

Check the shining object in the food storage, then use the ladder to get the key to 209. Check the ashes in 209 (2F east hall) for a notebook scrap.

Go into the bar and examine the red writing on the floor. When the Crooked Man appears... Hint: Smashing the brandy on him won't work, but it's halfway there. Answer: Smash the brandy on him, then use the lighter from the menu.

Return to the food storage (1F west hall) to get the knife. Follow the blood to 112 and talk to Sissi for a key. Use it to go to the courtyard (only remaining door in the lobby). Get the box from the fountain.

Return to 112, then go to the rec room. Defeat the Crooked Man with 15 hits of the knife (swing with Z). Try to hit him then back away, and watch out for his periodic "charges."

In the following scene, choose "Don't cry" to get Bad End 1. Choose "What's wrong with..." to proceed onward.

Scene 2: Julius Stone Law School

Go upstairs to see a shadow. Go to Leftie's room (2F east hall) and get the screwdriver, crowbar, and hammer from the toolbox. Go to Ray's room (3F east hall) and read the book about binary. Go to Franz's room (also 3F east hall) and read the diary. Go to Cyndi's room (3F middle area) and read the diary. Go to John's room (3F west hall) and get the key to the room, and read the notebook.

Go to the faculty room (1F east hall) and get the infirmary key. Go to the infirmary (1F west hall) and get the parlor key from the cabinets. Go to the parlor (2F west hall) and look at the wire art.

Go to Ray's room (3F east hall) and open the security box for the reference room key. Hint: Translate Ray's wire art from binary to decimal numbers. Answer: 2515.

Try going downstairs to meet D. Go to the reference room (2F middle area) and read the book. Check the portrait. Use the screwdriver to find a code.

Go to John's room (3F west hall) and open the security box for the lecture hallway key. Hint: His diary mentions surpassing the "father of our law," thus... Answer: 1647.

When the Crooked Man appears... You got the key to John's room, so leave the room and use it on the door to lock it behind you.

Go to the lecture hallway (on 1F, go down into the indentation). Enter the far-right room to find D. Read the newspaper on the bulletin board. Go upstairs to find a notebook scrap on the ground.

Go to Cyndi's room (3F middle area) and open the security box for the lecture rooms key. Hint: She uses her birthday, which is also... Answer: 0619.

Go to the locked lecture room in the hallway. Read the note on the blackboard, and get the notebook scrap. Go to the infirmary (1F west hall) to finally get some rest.

Go to the reference room (2F middle area) and look through the crimonology shelves for a code. You must have first read the note about the seminar and Criminal Behavior. Go to Franz's room (3F east hall) and open the security box for the computer room key. Answer: 9981.

Go to the computer room (2F west hall) and read the paper in the trash. Go unlock Andrew's room (3F west hall) and read the diary. Hint: Franz's diary mentioned Andrew's practices. Answer: 144246.

Go to the basement and into the unlocked room. Move the bookshelf aside. You can break the wall immediately with the hammer, or with three attempts of the iron pipe. Open the elevator with the crowbar. Climb up the boxes, then the ladder.

Go to the auditorium (second floor on the lecture side). Choose "That's life" to proceed onward. Choose "You shouldn't give up" to get Bad End 2.

Fight the Crooked Man; he takes 20 hits. Also, the energy drink can be used as a healing item.

Scene 3: Central Hospital

Go to the nurse station (behind the counter) and solve the puzzle box on the wall to get the cafeteria key and elevator trunk key. Quickest solution: Click the middle square and all four corners.

Go to the cafeteria (center of 2F). Walk by the cans, then check the fallen can for a piece of wire. Go into the room with blood outside on 2F (203) and read the bloody message on the left bed. Go to the dayroom (center of 3F) and read the book.

When you hear a cat on the third floor, inspect 306, the room to the left. Get the bloody key from the cat. (You must have read the message in 205.) Go to room 410 (4F, puddle of vomit outside) to find a notebook scrap. Go into the elevator on 4F and open the trunk for an AED.

Go to 3F and into the dayroom to meet Fluffy. Return to the nurse station (behind the counter in 1F) and use the wire to open the locker for a note with a number. Use the AED in your inventory to take out the battery. Use it on the door to the outpatient clinic (down in 1F) and enter the code. Answer: 4489.

Go to the staff room (clinic 1F) for the counseling room key. Go to the director's room (clinic 1F) and read the diary for a hint paper. Use it to get, well, hints. Check the flowers on the table for the Y piece. Go to the pediatrics room (clinic 2F) to find Fluffy. Check the phone on the third floor of the clinic for the F piece. Go to the maternity and gynecology room (clinic 3F) and check the shelves for a small key. Get the notebook scrap on clinic 4F.

Go to the counseling room (center of hospital 4F) and read the diary for the psychiatry key. Go to the psychiatry room (clinic 4F). Read the diary and the note on the board. Check the bed in the middle treatment room of 2F, the trashcan in the top room of 3F, and the board in the bottom room of 4F. You get the numbers 7, 1, and 6.

Go to the women's bathroom on 3F and check the sink for the A piece. Check the wall in the women's bathroom (below the concrete fragments). Then go get the hammer from the staff room (clinic 1F) to use it on the wall. Find Fluffy in the stall.

Go to the cafeteria (center of hospital 2F) and check the teacup for the L piece. Go to the nurse station (behind the counter in 1F) and check the box for the I piece. Go to the hallway of operating rooms on clinic 3F to find an entrance to the emergency stairs. Enter the code. Hint: It's related to the note in the psychiatry room. Answer: 716.

Go up to the door to the roof and examine the wire on the door. Go to the staff room (clinic 1F) and unlock the cabinet for the chemical closet key. Go to the chemical closet (clinic basement). Read the diary, then check the top-left shelves to find a bottle of hydrogen bromide. Return to the door to the rooftop and use the HBr to melt the wire. Climb the ladder on the roof and get the M piece.

Check the maternity and gynecology room on the third floor. Go to the fourth floor to find Fluffy. Quickly use the fire extinguisher to the left.

Go to the director's room (clinic 1F) and solve the puzzle for the safe key. Hint: Check the director's diary. And what does he mention right after that hint? Answer: FAMILY.

Open the safe for a revolver and pistol ammo. Go to the rooftop. 10 shots. Suffice to say, don't shoot Fluffy.

Try to leave out the entrance door on the hospital side. Go to the clinic basement and into the open room.

Scene 4: Central Hospital (Part Two)

Go to the fourth floor. Go to the clinic side. Go to the rooftop.

Choose "Persuade" to get Bad End 3. Choose "Take the gun" to get Bad End 4. Choose "Punch" to proceed onward.

Final Scene

Use the bloody key on the door. Investigate all the rooms for notebook scraps and the notebook itself. Go to the guest room in the top-left.

Pretty much the safest strategy: Keep circling around the center table/chairs, and turning back to fire shots before going around the corner. Open the door to the attic.


Screen Name Description
David Hoover.jpg David Hoover The main character that you control throughout most of the game. He moves into a new apartment with the help of Paul and Marion Martin while in the midst of going through some rough events in his life.
The crooked man.jpg The Crooked Man / Duke MacGahan The main antagonist of the game. He follows David from the abandoned hotel to the abandoned law school and then lastly at the abandoned hospital. At the end of the game, it is later revealed that the Crooked Man's true identity is Duke MacGahan, who used to live in the same apartment that David moved into. Duke MacGahan and David both went through similar bad events in their lives. He had committed suicide by hanging himself in the attic of his childhood home, which is why his neck is crooked. At the end of the game, Duke's soul is put to rest and David visits his grave, leaving him a pack of cigarettes.
Sissi.jpg Sissi The first person of three that David meets when he begins his search to find the person who last lived in the apartment he recently moved into. David meets her at the abandoned hotel. She states that she is there to recover a precious box she received from an ex-boyfriend. What David and Sissi have in common is that they both had gone through a breakup. It is later revealed that she is a fragment of Duke's imagination.
D.jpg D The second person of three that David meets when he begins his search to find the person who last lived in the apartment he recently moved into. David meets him at the abandoned law school. He states that he is there for the nostalgia of when he went there. What David and D have in common is that they both failed the school of their dreams. It is later revealed that he is a fragment of Duke's imagination.
Fluffy.jpg Fluffy The third person of three that David meets when he begins his search to find the person who last lived in the apartment he recently moved into. He is a child that David meets at the abandoned hospital. He states that he is there because his mom told him to wait there for her. What David and Fluffy have in common is that they love their mothers dearly. What they may also have in common is a mutual feeling of abandonment from their mothers - in Fluffy's case, a physical abandonment, while in David's case, an emotional one. It is later revealed that he is a fragment of Duke's imagination.
Rachel David's Mother.jpg Rachel Hoover She is David's mother is seen throughout the whole game in a hospital. She is in the hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the end of the game, she receives surgery, which was a success, but she later ends up dying in the hospital.
Shirley Webber.jpg Shirley Webber David's ex-girlfriend and best friend to Marion. Shirley and David broke up at the start of the game. At the end of the game, they both get back together.
Paul Martin.jpg Paul Martin One of David Hoover's friends and husband to Marion Martin. Later in the game, he and Marion become concerned about David's well-being because David hadn't called as he was meant to do. He rides a motorcycle.
Marion Martin One of David Hoover's friends and wife to Paul Martin. Later in the game, she and Paul become concerned about David's well-being because David hadn't called as he was meant to do.


Bad End 1: "What a Sissy."

If David chooses to tell Sissi, "Please.. don't cry...", she will break her precious box in order to "forget" the person who gave it to her. Not long afterwards, the door behind them opens and The Crooked man drags Sissi inside. David runs up to the door and pounds at it, trying to save the screaming Sissi from The Crooked Man. Suddenly her screaming stops and blood gushes from under the door all over the stairs. David backs away in shock and the door opens again. The Crooked Man then comes out to David and kills him.

Bad End 2: "Never, Never give up."

Should David choose to tell D "You shouldn't give up.", D, in a fit of rage for being misunderstood, will stab David in the chest. Just as D himself leaves however, The Crooked Man will arrive and kill him. As David is continuing to bleed out, he walks over and tells him:

"It wasn't me. It was you. You killed him, and yourself... David." Then he exits the room and David bleeds out then dies.

Bad End 3: "Goodbye!! My Friend."

At the scene where Paul arrives to David about to commit suicide, should he try to "Persuade" David against it, David will lash out and pull the trigger. The scene ends with David on the ground, covered in blood, with Paul backing away in horror.

Bad End 4: "Not Your Fault, David!"

Should the player choose to "Take the gun,", Paul will come up and attempt to forcefully snatch the gun away from David, causing David to accidentally shoot him. Paul will back away a few steps and collapse on his own blood with David coming to his senses and rushing towards him. As David falls into shock at his accidental murder of his friend, Paul will tell him that it wasn't his fault and that David "was not a bad guy," before dying. The scene ends with David backing away from Paul's body and promptly shooting himself.

Good End: "Bye Bye Blackbird."

After defeating and vanquishing The Crooked Man, David climbs up the ladder to the attic and finds the hanged, skeletal, body of Duke MacGahan. There, Duke talks about how he detested David for having such a similar life, but was still able to live comfortably, and wanted to drag him down because of it. But he also wished to save David from experiencing a similar fate. David then comes up to the body and thanks him, telling Duke that now, he can rest in peace.

The scene changes to David at Paul and Marion's house, talking about the incident of David finding a corpse on his trip. When Marion leaves to make tea, David tells Paul about how Duke was beaten by The Crooked Man and how The Crooked Man was always right behind him, whispering to him whenever he was depressed. David then ponders on how he would have probably went on the same path as Duke had Duke not reached out to him. David's phone then rings, His mother's condition had taken a turn, and they were now forced to go with the operation. David rushes to the hospital and meets with the doctor, and goes through with the operation.

After the tumor was successfully removed, David waits in his mother's room, the sound of the heart monitor echoing. His mother then awakens, much to David's joy. After a heartfelt moment between mother and son, David walks out to fetch his mother water and arrives back to her room with her now dead.

After his mother was buried, they return to David's apartment with David telling Paul how he wished to live a happy life with no regrets, despite whatever trials and suffering he;ll have to go through to get there. Marion then walks in with Shirley in tow, causing Paul to snap at her, only to be stopped my Marion and dragged out of the room, leaving the two alone. There, Shirley apologizes to David for dumping him despite all the things David has done for her and hesitantly asks if they could start over. David begins to cry in happiness at this, and the two reunite.

The scenes ends with David in the graveyard, placing a pack of cigarettes at Duke's gravestone.

At the second playthrough, David finds Duke who was about to commit suicide. Duke spoke of how painful his life was and asked if it wasn't the same for David. When David replied that it was at first, he asked what changed. David then talked about how he met someone, and how this person had also suffered the same thing he had to go through. While consoling him, he realized how the things he said to him were also the things he wanted someone to have said to him, and thus, was able to save himself while saving him. After their talk, Duke asks him to leave, when David turns around to leave however, Duke once again calls out to him, thanking him for coming, and when he turns back, only the hanging corpse remains.

Duke also appears at the ending of the game when David and Shirley get back together, watching over them for a moment before promptly leaving the room.