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Epic: The Genesis Project
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Creator: Christophomicus


  • Last Demo: 25th December, 2005.
  • ETA of Full Game: End of 2006

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Gameplay Time:

  • Last Demo: ~5 hours.
  • Full Game: ~7-8 hours.

Status Working on Full Game.

Completion: ~80%

Website: [www.epiphanygaming.com]

Epic: The Genesis Project

Epic: The Genesis Project is a relatively low-key science-fiction RPG. In an alternate universe, a war-torn galaxy is caught in the middle of an inter-galactic war, spanning both time and space. The protagonist, Ashanti Kasou, is a member of the Galactic Marine Corps, a force dedicated to wiping out the Kalashi, an evil alien race from beyond the stars. When his past is shattered in a stunning attack by the Kalashi, Ashanti is left with little left to do but swear one vow to himself: that he will completely and utterly obliterate the Kalashi.

Naturally, the task is too big for one man. Crash landing on the planet Daskat, Ashanti sets out on a journey to find allies willing to share his passionate hatred. As he travels farther and farther, he journeys deeper into a forever deepening plot that will soon place him as the figurehead of the galaxy. Blood will be spilt. People will die, people will survive.

But sometimes, the people that matter most aren't the ones that live.

Epic: The Genesis Project is a winner of a Misao Award, a very prestigious awards ceremony in the RPG Maker amateur community. It won the 2006 award for Best Futuristic Game, and looks set to win more in the future.

Epic: The Genesis Project is also the first part of a duology. It features a non-linear storyline that involves inter-planetary travel. The planets do not have to be visited in any order; it is up to the player to decide their way through the game! Epic: The Genesis Project features 4 mandatory planets, with several optional, hidden planets to be found.

Warning, the following page may contain slight spoilers.


Ashanti Kasou http://www.epiphanygaming.com/Chris/RPG%20Maker%20Wiki/Ashanti.png
Ashanti is a member of the Galactic Marine Corps, and has a strong sense of justice and freedom. At 17 years of age, his family was slaughtered by the Kalashi, and this leads in part to his hatred of the Kalashi. Determined, Ashanti very rarely lets any obstructions in his way stop him. Ashanti has personal demons that he refuses to allow anyone to see, and he very rarely allows people to help him with any problems he may face. Ashanti's homeplanet is Rudenta IV.
Hanal Tsuja http://www.epiphanygaming.com/Chris/RPG%20Maker%20Wiki/Hanal.png
Hanal is a quiet mage, always travelling the planet Daskat in search of work and adventure. Often outspoken, Hanal's true intentions and ideas are often left unrealised, much to her distraught. Hanal is, however, loyal to her allies, and incredibly vicious to her enemies; so much that you would not believe the quiet mage from a few minutes ago is the one launching a fireball straight for your head. Hanal's homeplanet is unknown.
Vernandos Luce http://www.epiphanygaming.com/Chris/RPG%20Maker%20Wiki/Luce.png
Luce is a galaxy-reknowned mercenary-for-hire. His skill with a rifle and demolitions is unmatched, yet he works only for certain clients, and often refuses invitations, even if they involve large sums of money. He has been called The Harbringer of Justice, though this title is not entirely true; often, Luce is referred to as heartless and cruel, often murdering families for money. However, despite his past, Luce wants to put it all behind him, and become a new person, genuinely believing that he has changed. The only problem is the galaxy's already-mixed view of him.
Kryon Gadal http://epiphanygaming.com/Chris/RPG%20Maker%20Wiki/Kryon.png
Kryon is the leader of the Keru Empire, the main military enforcement on Daskat. His old age is a fact often ridiculed by Luce, who seems to take great delight in torturing the man to no end. Kryon often feels the need to punctuate sentences with "lad", as if to demonstrate his old age and slowly declining mental health. He is handy with a sword, shotgun, and dual pistols, and often demonstrates this in battles. There are certain parts of Kryon's past that nobody knows of, but are slowly coming to surface...
Kales Nastra http://epiphanygaming.com/Chris/RPG%20Maker%20Wiki/Kales.png
Kales is the commander of the Galactic Marine Corps, and his wisened age hides an active, tactical mind that rivals and exceeds that of young commanders. Thought to have been destroyed in the destruction of the Harbringer, Kales still appears to be alive, although he is definitely a changed man.
Suzaku http://epiphanygaming.com/Chris/RPG%20Maker%20Wiki/Suzaku.png
Suzaku is the mastermind behind the Kalashi army, and its leader. Though he takes the shape of a human, he considers it not his 'true form', and longs to be in a Kalashi body of his own. Though he has gained alien features (blood red eyes, claws), he can blend in with a human crowd easily, using 'magic' to hide his mutations. Suzaku seems to have links with Ashanti, Luce and Kryon, although how he does, and how deep these links are, is unknown.

Subsequent Appearances[]

Ashanti, Hanal, Kryon and Suzaku will all be appearing in Alavio, and Akio, games made in RPG Maker 2003 by Silvercrow and the Supreme Inquisitor, as part of a Battle Arena. Ashanti and Luce will be appearing in Dragon Wars, a game made by King of Games, also as part of a Battle Arena. All these roles are minor, and considered to be cameos.


Interplanetary Travel!
Innovative Puzzles!
A vivid, original futuristic galaxy!
High Quality Mapping!
A High Game Time!
Several Innovative Systems, including: swimming, diving, motorbike riding, "switch system".


Epic: The Genesis Project uses resources that are mainly public domain, and free, with the exception of some, which are listed below.

Christophomicus The occasional sprite edit and/or custom sprite.
King of Games As above.
TeTaniwha Designed the "CCN Characters" character set, as well as occasional sprite edits and/or custom sprites.


Beta Testing Crew:

- King of Games (Epiphany Gaming)
- Silvercrow (Epiphany Gaming)
- trance2 (Epiphany Gaming, Kobra's Realm, Omengate Sanctum)


Epic: The Genesis Project features some custom-made tracks by select composers. Of those who have composed for the game are:
-Haze Windrider


Epic: The Genesis Project has received incredibly positive feedback wherever released. At Gaming World, the world's larget amateur gaming community, it has only been released twice, and as part of Lysander86's Release Something! Event, a bi-annual event where amateur game makers release, well, something! It has received positive feedback and reviews from the Gaming World community, and at its homebase of Epiphany Gaming, Epic: The Genesis Project is 'the big-wig game'; that is, it is Epiphany Gaming's flagged game.

Title and release information[]

November 12th, 2004
Epic: The Genesis Project started.

December 25th, 2005
Epic: The Genesis Project CHRISTMAS EDITION released. This is/was the final demo. Other releases are scattered. The Christmas release is available at http://epiphanygaming.com/Chris/Merry%20Christmas.rar

External Links[]

Epiphany Gaming, home of Epic: The Genesis Project
http://www.epiphanygaming.com - Epiphany Gaming
http://epiphanygaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=261 - Official Forum Topic. Please note it has been left un-updated intentionally. Screenshots:

Note, more screenshots can be found at the following URL. http://epiphanygaming.com/Chris/Gens%20Shots/

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