The Legendary Hero: Birth VM (also known as The Legendary Hero 4) is a prequel to "The Legendary Hero" game series which is made being created by a teenage boy using the RPG Maker XP. This is the fourth and true final game to The Legendary Hero series which features only 6 new playable characters, new side-quest, and secret boss battles.


500 years ago "A Secret War" started...

1000 years ago "The Destiny of Rebirth" was born...

All Legends have a beginning...


The HeroesEdit

There are six new characters that are going to be playable, though at the start you control 12 party members but for one battle only.

The VillainsEdit

VirusMonster 2 RTP

The basic form of a VirusMonster

The VirusMonsters: Mysterious creatures that appeared out of nowhere and started a war with the humans of the Magleutix world.

Locations Edit

Heaven City: The new beginning city.

Gameplay Edit

  • Active Time Battle
  • Party Member Switching
  • Guard Recover, restores a small amount HP/EP
  • Item Grouping
  • Item Synching System
  • Advance Message System
  • New Save File System (same as THL2)
  • New Mini-games
  • Level 99 is the max level in this game.


Custom Sprites and Battlers graphic by Chris

Default Sprites and graphics by RPG Maker XP


Default music by RPG Maker XP



None so far


None so far

Screen ShotsEdit

Coming Soon!

Title and release informationEdit

Has anything been released? As of yet no, the first two games of the series are under development and won't be released until maybe at the end of the year.


Demo Version: Coming Soon...

Full Version: Coming Soon...

Teaser Trailer: Coming Soon...

Trailer: Coming Soon...


None at the moment...

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