RPG Maker MV Tileset Window

The tileset window for RPG Maker MV.

A Tileset, otherwise known as a "chipset" in older versions of RPG Maker, are a collection of tiles used to build a map. In RPG Maker VX, only one tileset can be used for a game, while in other releases of RPG Maker, over a hundred tilesets can be used in a game, but only one can be used for a single map.

In RPG Maker 95 and later, there are autotiles that help with creating maps by automatically correcting themselves as the map is modified to have a contiguous border around itself bordering other tiles of a different type. Some autotiles are even animated, such as water. In RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, the autotiles are part of the image. RPG Maker XP allows each tileset to have up to seven autotiles which are changed by using the database. In RPG Maker VX and later, the tilesets themselves, and thus the autotiles, consist of separate images.

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