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Creator: Iis

Release: TBC

Genre: Philosophical

Status Under Construction

Completion: 15%

Inspired by Lun Calasari's excellent 'The Way' series, the author of the game wanted to create a game with a unique worldview. That world was Towers, a world where every person lives to serve the philosophy of their chosen Tower.


Daedulus-hai of Aharos is a lancer of great renown, and he seeks to become a Hierolegionary, one of Aharos' elite soldiers of Light. But first, he must complete the task set for him by the High Council; he must infiltrate the mysterious and secretive Noovos Tower and right all wrongs he finds therein.

Aharos has an axial Tower - Nahura, and a third Tower is being built at Soho. No-one knows how powerful the trinity will be, for such a thing has never been done before.

Even the light has it's dark side... and Daedulus' quest will take him beyond good and evil.


Daedulus of Aharos:


Nikiyta of Novaya



The incredible wiggly hand feature: Convo.PNG

Also, there is going to be an ABS, roughly based on the game Arcomage.