Uri is a Japanese RPG game designer and a creator of pixellated RPG-style adventure games, generally in the horror genre. She creates her games in Wolf RPG Editor. She is well-known for The Strange Men Anthology, which is still active (getting chances to remaking old games).

History Edit

Uri has made multiple RPG games in the past. Most of her games don't include the traditional horror game feel and some revolve around the supernatural and psychological elements. Her first game, Insanity, was not well-received. It's the only game she has made that has not been translated into English. Her most notable work is The Crooked Man and it was well-received with the public, spawning a series of sequels (to become a tetralogy). Currently, she's working on one other game, Pedestal, which has a trailer available for viewing. She has other projects on the way, but nothing about them has been revealed.

Style Edit

Uri has a unique style to her games. Like Corpse Party, a popular gaming series created by Team GrisGris, she tends to have her games revolve around the choices the player makes. Whatever the player does will lead them to a different ending. Some of the choices can be corrected if the player has more than one save file available. She also tends to have a lot of puzzles in her games, some of which involve keys.

Games Edit

The following is a list of games that Uri has created or is still being worked on:

The Strange Man Anthology:

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