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The user, Abyssal leviathin, is an admin on the RPG Maker Wiki. As of the 5th of December 2007, Abyssal leviathin has been inactive on this wiki and is unable to be contacted.

 Abyssal_Leviathin is a user of RPG Maker who founded this wiki project. Be very impressed.

Personal Info

Abyssal_leviathin first heard of RPG Maker (playstation) from his friend Jason Antoniewicz. It was over a year before he ended up ordering it, and he quickly fell in love. This is when he began working on Soulstorm Legacy. He was always seeking to better his RPG Making skills and scoured the internet for articles and tutorials. One day while searching for RPG Maker related information he stumbled upon screenshots of an RPG Maker for the PC that looked pretty cool. He investigated and found that it was called RPG Maker 2000. He then restarted Soulstorm Legacy for rm2k and has been working with PC RPG Makers ever since.

Involvement in the Community

Abyssal has been moderately active in the RPG Maker Community. Currently posts at RPG Maker DatabaseHawk Games, and Kobra's Realm. He also posts at Gaming World and Crestfallen Studios on rare occasions.

Projects/Games Worked On

Soulstorm Trilogy


Comedy RPG about Abyssal_leviathin and his real world friends engaging in high school antics.

Characters include:


After having a nightmare where an evil clown has killed several of his classmates, Maynard awakens to learn that he has overslept. Will Maynard make it to class on time?


Maynard has a dream where an evil clown kills his fellow R&D students Little and Coffman. He is awakened by noises from his fish tank, only to find that his precious guppies have mutated and are going insane.

After barely escaping with his life Maynard gets ready for school. But on his way out the door he is confronted by his disgruntled siblings, apparently angry that he hasn't been playing with them. After defeating his sisters in combat, Maynard is forced to face his brother, who has somehow found a way to transform into a Power Ranger.

Maynard manages to win and barely makes it to the school bus. At school Wescott and Proloft Mike have been waiting for him. They say that Kenny the Jew, Jeef Middleman and Fredolph Hitler are loitering about in the usual hang out spot of Maynard and his homies. Bad move. They are reluctant to leave, but getting their ass kicked by Maynard and his homies serves as sufficient motivation.

It's a pyrrhic victory in the end as the ringing bells summon Wescott and Maynard to their R&D class. When they get their they learn that Coffman and Little haven't shown up for class. Perhaps Maynard's nightmare was no mere dream after all. Reluctant to say anything, Maynard allows Mr. B to continue believing that the missing students are just skipping class. Mr. B wants some justice, so he splits the class into two groups to go find Coffman and Little so that B can give them Detention.

Mr. B realizes that by splitting the class he has given himself an opporounity to enact a sinister scheme to get rid of an annoying pest and supply-waster that calls himself Maynard.

Maynard along with his fellow search party members Wescott, Dewey and Kwiecinski find themselves in an empty hallway with no signs of Coffman or Little at all. This is when Dewey and Kwiecinski begin making "advances" on Maynard and Wescott. As a last resort to protect their chastity, Maynard and Wescott have no choice but to fight the two perverts in a Bossfight.

After winning Dewey and Kwiecinski reveal that they were really assasins hired by Mr. B to kill Maynard. They flee the scene. A furious Maynard wants to confront Mr. B, but on his way back to the R&D room Maynard and Wescott are attacked by yet another assasin... Arsenault.

Upon being beaten Arsenault also retreats and when Maynard is finally about to enter the R&D room, the other search party returns with some interesting news. They haven't found any trace of Coffman or Little, but it turns out that the class skipping stoners outside Mrs. Biebuyck's room are no mere junkies- they are the head of MCDC, a super secret (literally) underground drug cartel who have been operating a massive durg trafficking operation from a secret basement beneath the school. Joe offers Maynard a magical acid tab that allows him to see exactly what happened to the second search party on their journey. This is as far as the game was completed.



A nerdy guy obsessed about dinosaurs and guppies. His sleep is plagued by terrible nightmares about murderous clowns.


Morbidly obese, yet strong as an ox and tougher than the great wall of china. Just don't expect him to move very fast.

Proloft Mike

One of Maynard's homies. He looks and squawks like a chicken for reasons not explained.


The leader of the second of Mr. B's search parties.


Evil Clown

Maynard is tormented at night by visions of a clown who kills people. Is it real? Is the disappearance of Coffman and Little after one of these dreams mere coincidence?

Mr. B

MCHS's diabolical Tech teacher, Maynard's arch nemesis. He plans to assassinate Maynard.

Mr. B's Assasins

  • Dewey
  • Kwiecinski
  • Arsenault


The Quest for Mertirel

An rm2k game meant to be based off an RP at the Neonsoft Entertainment forums. It was being primarily made by Blade Yang with contributions by other NSE members involved in the roleplay. The story followed a group of travellers journeying into a cursed and haunted jungle for reasons I can't remember.

My character was Arkael Raybourne. He excelled at magic and physical attacks with his scimitar and was probably a little overpowered. Oh well, it was my first RP. Anyway, his appearance. He had brown hair and eyes that changed color based on his mood, although were bright blue most of the time. His skin was darkly tanned and he wore a brown cloak. He was born into a family of wealthy merchents and due to a feud with his brother Maeryn he left his home and studied at a monastary for mages. After a few years he left the monastary and to prevent their occult secrets from leaking out the mages hired bounty hunters which even at the time the role play took place were still pursuing him.

This game was cancelled before getting very far.

Unnamed Collaboration with Madman and Zero

Another group project where everyone contributed a character, except the main character, whose creation was shared collectively.

The story followed a group of four teenagers enrolled at an elite military academy and their quest to save the world from the villain. This villain was on a quest of his own; activating all of the magic obelisks to become a god, replacing one of the current deities. Unfortunately the god of life who was actually endangered by the quest is unable to kill someone; it's out of his jurisdiction. Thus, the villain had to be killed by mortals like the heroes.


The generic sword wielding hero.


Madman's character. Varidus was a mysterious mage character with the power to transform into monsters he had killed.


Zero's character. An archer with long green hair.


A barefisted martial artist with short green hair and a shy demeanor.

Unnamed NSE Staff Game

Contest Entries

Sanctus Templum

Quenton Raghnall, a powerful general made a pact with the devil to gain necromancy. Using this power he secretly began assasinating influential nobles in the kingdom. But when a young guard named Urian is blamed for one of Quenton's crimes and exiled the truth is uncovered. Unable to return home and report his findings to the authorities, it's up to Urian and the mysterious girl Aidenne to save the world from an unholy menace.

Solon of Simmel


Contributions to the Community

Graphics for Community Games

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